WEZU Messwerkzeuge

Precision is our Philosophy.

WEZU is a leader in its industry, setting the standards for development and manufacture of quality precision measuring tools. Precision control has been our mission for decades - a concept we have elevated to an art form if not a philosophy.
Laser burning of grade scale
Manual assembly of a protractor
CNC-milling and -drilling
Working the polishing belt manually
Automatic testing of a caliper
WEZU Messwerkzeuge Remscheid GmbH (measuring tools, Ltd.) integrates modern technology and individual craftsmanship.

These superior precision and quality control standards find the most stringent application in our own production process as well as in the production of "Angulus" brand tools, which we acquired in October of 2004, and which are now held to the same superior standards.

WEZU competently and innovatively meets and exceeds an ever increasing demand for lower tolerances from trade and industry in the development of specialty measuring tools and appliances.

WEZU IS PRECISION - today and in the future.

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